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Portable & Rechargeable Explosion-proof Work Light for Safe and Efficient Operations

Working in hazardous environments requires specialized equipment to ensure worker safety and operations. In THT-EX industrial lighting solutions, the latest product is the Portable & Rechargeable Explosion-proof Work Light, which provides flexible and reliable illumination for various application.

Portable lighting can meet the illumination needs of 40W to160W. Its high-efficiency LED can provide bright and uniform lighting in any environment; and the explosion-proof design ensures that the light source can be used safely in hazardous areas with fire or explosion risks.

THT-EX portable explosion-proof work light also has a 120-minute battery backup system to provide necessary illumination for emergency repair work or pipeline accidents to ensure safe and efficient operation in the harsh environment.

The design of portable lighting can be easily transported and set up in any location. Its feature of flexible is especially suitable for large-scale projects that need to be quickly deployed and repositioned. It's a necessary lighting tool for any challenging working environment.

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