Explosion-proof LED Lighting
Applicable to 100℃ Environment

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HazLoc LED Light

*Design & Made in Taiwan.

*AC IN light engine design.

*Qualified QAN/QAR factory.

*ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

*Protection grade up to IP67/68

*IECEx, ATEX, UL, CML,...etc global 


*Dust-proof LED light, Gas-proof LED

 Light & marine Explosion-proof  Light.

​*Passed the test of 720 hours -65℃~

  100℃ lightening and 1000 hours salt

  water spray.

Waterproof LED Light

​*Anti vibration test passed. 

*Protection grade up to IP67/68

*1000 hours salt water spray passed.

*17 Beaufort scale wind load test passed.

​*High brightness, light weight, anti


* Weather proof feature suits to outdoor


*Customized lighting simulation, design,

  construction and installation.

*20W - 1000W AC IN Street Light and

  highbay light.

*1000 meter underwater pressure test passed.

Lighting for 100˚C High Temp. Environment

*THT-EX Lighting is applicable to 100℃

  high temperature environment.

*UL 100℃ heat resistance 30 days(720hrs)

  testing passed.
*Suitable for various high temperature 

  environment such as steel factory, iron-

  foundry or glass factory,etc.


About us

TOP HI-TECH (THT-EX) is the leading manufacturer of Explosion-proof LED lighting in Taiwan. All the products are self-designed and manufacture while marketing to the world with THT-EX brand name.


THT-EX R&D team has more than 20 years’ experiences on the design and manufacture of outdoor waterproof electronic. Besides, we also have well-established knowledge about the special requirement for electronic products used in harsh outdoor environment. THT-EX took the lead to release the first AC-IN Explosion-proof LED Lighting for special environment application in 2011. The product offers solutions of high protection grade IP68, and applicable to high temperature 100℃ & low temperature -65℃ environment.….


8000 pcs


2004 items+


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