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2024 THT-EX Charity Donation Events Spreading Love

Giving back to society has always been THT-EX's core mission!

Since 2015, we have donated AEDs to various police stations, elementary and junior high schools, libraries, household registration offices, churches, and other places.


This year, we extended our love to remote areas by donating 11 more AEDs, enhancing emergency response capabilities and safeguarding citizens' lives, bringing the total number of AEDs donated to 339.


Meanwhile, we continue to donate essential goods to various charitable organizations such as the Taichung 1919 Food Bank and the Kaohsiung City Charity Association, reaffirming our commitment to social care💕


Giving is more blessed than receiving🙌

The THT-EX Charity Foundation sincerely invites more people to join us in spreading love!

About THT-EX Charity Foundation:



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