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ATEX Lighting for Zone 1, Zone 2 Hazardous Areas Application

ATEX is a common explosion-proof certification standard in Europe. Divided lighting products into Zone 1 / Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 21 / Zone 22 (dust) hazardous areas, including potentially explosive atmospheres in both onshore and offshore locations.

THT-EX LED hazardous area lightings not only granted UL, IECEx certification, but also ATEX, providing a variety of lighting applications such as high bay lights, linear lights, flood lights or portable lights, etc. The power options are from 20W to 500W, and can replace conventional HID lamps up to 2000W. The benefits of using LED ATEX lightings include lightweight, longer lifetime and greatly saving electricity costs.

THT-EX’s ATEX Lightings are designed and manufactured in Taiwan. Our team members have 20 years of experience in harsh environment lighting planning. Please let us provide you with a safe working environment.



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