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Helping the University to Rebuild the Bright! THT-EX Waterproof LED Lights Donation.

Sun Yat-sen University locates in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and is close to the beautiful coast of Sizihwan Bay. It has a wonderful environment but faces the corrosion damages brought by the highly salty environment. In particular, the street lighting fixtures in the campus look good from the outside, but the internal components cannot withstand the long-term corrosion from sea salt, wind, and sand… all of these make lightings easy to fail.

To meet the needs of Sun Yat-sen University and consider the safety of students, THT-EX donated 400 pieces of Waterproof AC in LED Lightings which are widely used in the street light, sidewalk light, stadium light, parking lot light, architectural light... etc. Helping the university to rebuild the bright! :D



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