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THT-EX Hazardous Location LED Lights_Long-term Weatherproof Test 2021

THT-EX’s nonstop hazardous location LED lights testing! The challenge for this time is a long-term outdoor weatherproof test.

We test hazardous location lights with various wattages (20W to 500W) and different applications, such as: high bay lights, flood lights, street lights, area lights, linear lights, etc. to prove their waterproof, dustproof and high temperature resistance performance. After the rainy season in spring, the hot sun exposure in summer and the typhoon season we are facing now, these LED lightings continue to provide bright illumination, have good luminous efficiency and undamaged enclosure.

Please watch our test records to understand the durability of THT-EX Hazardous Location LED Lights; and this test will continue… :)



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