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The Benefits of Installing a Lighting Reflector on Explosion-proof LED Light.

In general, our Explosion-proof LED Light offers even and wide angle illumination for large working area. And if you need a more concentrated illumination for the specific area, than adding the reflector would help to achieve and even improve lighting utilization.

What are the benefits of installing a lighting reflector?

1. The reflector can narrow down the light output range to achieve the lighting control.

2. Use the principle of light reflection to concentrate the light source and improve the illumination brightness.

3. Concentrated light can improve the lighting utilization; therefore a small wattage light with a reflector can achieved the brightness of a large wattage lighting and benefit you with energy saving and carbon reduction

Let's look at comparison charts of the optical tests below. The optical spectrum after installing reflector is more concentrated, the brightness is greatly improved and the irradiation distance is three times than without reflector!

If you are thinking about increasing the brightness and the lighting irradiation distance in work area, then adding a lighting reflector will be a good solution!

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