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The Advantages of Explosion-proof LED Lighting with PC Cover!

Explosion-proof LED light has several nice functions if use a PC cover!

PC cover has the highest level UL94 5VA of flame retardant and can be used in 65°C environments; moreover, it has 10 times more impact resistance than glass cover. In addition, adding diffuser on lightings could present more uniform illumination, avoid eye discomfort and reducing work inefficiency caused by glare. In food processing plants or agricultural storage tanks where falling broken glass are prohibited, the Explosion-proof LED lighting with PC cover is more widely installed.

THT-EX’s lighting models L1512, L1403AS, L1601C, L1908 and L1511 are all with PC cover. They designed with two types cover: clear and diffuser, which can be selected according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information, we will provide the most professional and reliable lighting solutions for you.

Explosion Proof LED Lighting with PC Cover
Explosion Proof LED Lighting with PC Cover



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