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Let THT-EX Explosion-proof LED Tank Viewer Light Monitor Your Factory Safely!

Keeping watch over the liquid processes, chemical reactions, mixing processes or reaction tanks in a chemical factory is to avoid errors during production, but do you know how to monitor it safely?

In addition to a viewer glass window with pressure and impact resistance, we also need a highly protective explosion-proof LED lighting which can be used in area where full of dangerous factors without fear of causing fire; if we want to monitor inside of the tank clearly.

THT-EX designs a variety of Explosion-proof Tank Viewer Lights which come with customized bracket to fit your tanks, and be provide with Waterproof IP68, Corrosion Resistance, Heat Resistance features.

If you need advanced protection, install another Explosion-proof LED Lighting with IP Camera is the best way. You will be able to monitor live status of the entire production process safely throughout the day!

Hoping our profession not only fulfill your need of illumination, but also protect your life and property! Please feel free to contact us for any requirement.

Explosion proof LED Tank Viewer Light
Explosion proof LED Tank Viewer Light



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