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Safety Industrial LED Lighting with Modularized Design-Model L1403L (80W~300W)

The economical and safety industrial lighting, wattage 80W~300W: Model L1403L is a LED lighting with modularized design; and can be combined freely for desired brightness or to accommodate the size of the working space; as well as used for street lighting. The product is with a multi-functional application design, providing voltage options from 120V to 480V!

Model L1403L was granted UL844 explosion-proof certification for CID2 hazardous area application; and can fulfill the illumination needs of your various working environments.

In addition, the product uses a transparent PC cover, which is very suitable for food processing plants and storage tanks where glass bursting is strictly prohibited; or other places where lighting products might be hit easily.

Reference of product information, please visit:

● L1403L Single

● L1403L Dual



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