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Product Display of LED Explosion Proof Light with Sensor- Model L1733NS

For less visited hazardous areas, THT-EX launches LED Light with Sensor Model L1733NS to automatically control the illumination.

L1733NS is a multi-function lighting, which can be use as explosion-proof flood light, area light or street light; provides 100W to 200W (equivalent to HID 300W to 600W), and available to choose a suitable lens angle according to the illumination needs.

L1733NS is designed with IR‑TEC sensor and provides 2 types for options:

●Daylight Sensor: Detected the ambient brightness to control the illumination.

●Occupancy Sensor: Turn on the light by detected object movement.

*The sensitivity of sensor and illumination time can be adjusted for your needs!

We hope to help more industries create an energy-saving working environment and reduce electricity costs! :)



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