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Portable LED Work Lights for Hazardous Locations-Lightweight & High Luminance!

Do you need to do maintenance works or explore in a hazardous working environment?

The general explosion-proof flashlights may provide the mobility you need, but there are some environments that require longer maintenance time in a dark place while the battery cannot last longer… then, using an Explosion-proof & Portable LED Work Light will be another choice for you!

The explosion-proof LED work light is made of small explosion-proof LED light with a portable bracket; and lightings designed with driver-less technology, lightweight & compact size! It can provide the same brightness as explosion-proof lighting used in the factory.

Our LED work light is connected to electric power systems and has no time limit to meet your long-term illumination needs. In our sales experience, customers only need a cable length of 30-60 meters and with the function of 360 degrees rotation to illuminate the entire work area, no worries about the hidden dangerous dark place.

THT-EX Portable LED Work Lights for Hazardous Locations
THT-EX Portable LED Work Lights for Hazardous Locations



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