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Welcome to OSEA2020 Virtual Exhibition

Due to the epidemic situation, OSEA2020 was changed to a virtual exhibition this year!

THT-EX provides diversified lighting solutions for hazardous areas, such as: high power explosion-proof LED lights, explosion-proof LED linear lights, explosion-proof LED emergency lights, explosion-proof LED battery backup lights, explosion-proof accessories, etc. All these products ware granted IECEx & ATEX certification with safe and reliable quality!

In addition, we also provide heat resistant LED lights, which were UL tested as well as in-house high temperature such as baking, boiling and steaming verified. Application to 65°C ~ 100°C high temperature working environments, for example: steel plants, pulp & paper industry, smelter, casthouse, textile industry, glass factory, etc.

Welcome to click the link as below to learn more about our products in our virtual display area.

OSEA2020 Explosion-proof LED Lighting_THT-EX
OSEA2020 Explosion-proof LED Lighting_THT-EX

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