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One Slim Lighting Fixture Design for All Hazardous & Harsh Environments - L1319C Series

One slim lighting fixture design for all hazardous and harsh environments.

  • The special high DC voltage 125VDC design for system control room with high redundant power supply. Provide 30W-65W lighting outputs.

  • Special AC direct drive LED design for harsh environments from -65°C to 100°C. Provide 20W-300W lighting outputs with worldwide AC voltage support (100VAC, 110VAC, 120VAC, 200VAC, 220VAC, 230VAC, 277VAC, 347VAC and 480VAC).

  • With 100VAC-277VAC wide input voltage support (design with switching power supply). Provides 30W-300W lighting outputs and higher lumen performance over 140 lumen per watt.

  • Design with Panasonic Battery lithium battery as a backup power source for LED lighting, support emergency lighting for at least 120 minutes. Provide 50W-190W lighting outputs.

  • Integrated with junction box on lighting fixture, provides the convenience for installation and wiring. Provides 40W-240W lighting outputs.

  • Dedicated LED chips with 100% cut off below 500nm wavelength, perfect lighting for Photolithography process areas. Provide 20W-160W lighting outputs.


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