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N.A. UL Certified Explosion-proof LED Light with Sensing Device - Model L1733NS

Newproduct released! Model L1733NS series Explosion-proof LED Light with Sensing Device was granted North American UL certification!

Our explosion-proof LED light with sensing device provides two sensing modes: occupancy sensor & daylight sensor, which can automatically detect whether illumination is required at the working site. If there is no presence of a person, or when the ambient daylight is sufficient, the power will be cut off automatically to bring you the benefit of energy-saving.

In addition, L1733NS has different LED light source designs, 60W to 200W power wattage (Available to replace 500W HPS/HID light), and optional lens angles, which can be selected according to your illumination requirements in the working area.

Please watch the video to know how the sensing device works.



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