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Industrial Lighting Solutions for a Coal Power Plant Attached to the Paper Mill

Are you having trouble with the factory lighting planning?

No worries, THT-EX has the dedicated and professional team to help you!

We have an R&D and engineering team with 20-year experience, more than 40 kinds of quality control testing equipment, and over 60 types of lighting options! Products are developed and manufactured in Taiwan with global explosion-proof certifications! We can create a safe, bright, and energy-saving working environment for you!

Our lights were installed throughout the entire plant of a coal bunker (a coal power plant attached to the paper mill), the following is the field installation video for your reference. We installed explosion-proof lights, emergency lights, exit signs, heat resistance lights… etc. and provided one-stop service from design, manufacturing, installation to the final inspection!

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about hazardous areas or industrial lighting solutions.



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