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How to Smartly Plan Your Industrial Lighting in An Energy Saving Way?

How to smartly plan your industrial lighting in an energy saving way? Here are a few tips!

  • Planning lighting fixtures according to illuminance standards for different workplaces to provide averaged and no glare light distribution.

  • Take advantage of natural light to reduce lighting times.

  • Setting up independent circuits according to different working area. When there is no production, the lighting can be turned off.

  • Using high-efficiency lighting fixtures to achieve the same illumination with fewer wattage and less lighting.

  • Using easy maintenance lighting design, such as lower malfunction AC-IN driver-less LED Lighting and the housing with dustproof design.

A good lighting planning can not only achieve energy saving, but also can increase your work efficiency and prevent accidents if in a bright working environment!

High Bay LED Light for Hazardous Location
High Bay LED Light for Hazardous Location



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