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How much wattages of explosion-proof lightings do I need to install in factory?

In general, we will select appropriate wattage of lighting according to the installation height and required lux. The higher height, the more wattages should be used so as to provide enough brightness. Of course, it’s also necessary to assess the environment on site to check if there are other factors affecting the performance of illumination.

In order to fulfill clients’ requirement, THT-EX offers wide variety of lightings to meet any kinds of conditions; you can always find the right lightings which are suitable for your working environment! LED lighting is different from conventional HID lighting (Mercury Light, High Pressure Sodium Light, Metal Halide Light); it provides the same or higher illumination but with lower wattages. Further, it has higher energy conversion efficiencies, which means the electricity needed is lower and more energy saving!

The information on picture is for design reference only; your lux requirement and international standard should be put into consideration while planning. THT-EX provides professional lighting simulation and recommends the most suitable lighting base on the on-site requirement.

Explosion proof LED Lighting Solutions
Explosion proof LED Lighting Solutions



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