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New High-Temperature Lighting Solution! 100°C Heat Resistant LED Light-W1319C

THT-EX's latest High-Temperature Lighting Solution!

In response to the needs of customers, we developed heat resistant LED linear lighting-W1319C which is specially designed for using at 85°C~100°C(185°F~212°F) high ambient temperature working environments, such as: paper mills, metal forging plants, glass plants, and coal power plants, etc.

W1319C provides 60W~120W power options with the total lumens up to 12000 lm, and can replace 400W conventional lamps, save 70% of electricity costs! Create a safe & bright work area for you!

For detailed product information, please visit:

100°C Heat Resistant LED Light-W1319C
100°C Heat Resistant LED Light-W1319C



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