Hazardous Location LED Tube Light & Linear Light Which are Born for Industrial Environments. (UL)

Thanks for your choosing and giving high evaluation to THT-EX’s hazardous location LED tube light and linear light which are born for industrial hazardous environments.

The design of lighting fixture is provided with high lumen and efficiency of illumination. Model L1319C comes with reflector and concentrate light source. Model L1908 with outlet box for easy installation and lightings’ connection. These two models were UL certified and applicable to CID2/CIID2 hazardous locations, such as oil refinery complex, petrochemical complex, offshore platform or chemical industry. In addition, we provide a variety of mounting brackets to satisfy your needs such as hanging mount, wall mount and street type electrical tube mount, etc.

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L1908: https://www.tht-ex.com/product-page/hazardous-location-tube-light-l1908

L1319C: https://www.tht-ex.com/product-page/l1319c-smd-4ft

Hazardous Location LED Tube Light & Linear Light
Hazardous Location LED Tube Light & Linear Light