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The Key to High-Quality Explosion-proof Lightings: Glass Flatness Inspection

Do you know that the glass used in explosion-proof lights is different from general lights?

Glass is deemed as one of the key explosion-proof components, and surface flatness plays an important role of its’ quality!

The glass is tempered and enforced with impact resistant feature to withstand the power of internal explosions. In addition, the flatness must comply with the requirement of international explosion-proof standard. Glass with excellent flatness can fit evenly to the light enclosure and prevent the passage of sparks effectively; in contrast the glass will break when an interior explosion of the light occurs.

THT-EX strictly controls the quality of each lighting and inspect whether the flatness of each glass is qualified when it is received. Only qualified glass can be used! We ensure that every explosion-proof lighting is provided to the customer with safe and reliable quality!



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