New! Explosion Proof & Battery Backup LED Light - Provide Up to 2 hrs Emergency Illumination!

Good news! New battery backup lighting is released! Model L1811A/B had granted UL explosion-proof CID1 & CIID1 certification. This model provides full voltage and single voltage options with wattage up to 120W.

In addition to providing illumination for your daily work, our battery backup lightings also can provide illumination for up to 2 hours in emergency mode. Allow you to deal with ongoing work, or to distinguish the location and escape in the accident! Protect the safety of your life!

Please refer to the chart of THT-EX Battery Backup Lighting Series as below. Our R&D team will continue to develop more model options. If you want to learn more about the detailed specifications of lightings, please visit the product page on our website or contact us.

Product Page:

Explosion-proof LED Lighting with Battery Backup Series_THT-EX


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