Explosion Proof Tube Light - Model L2106, With the Design of Replaceable Tube

Explosion Proof Tube Light Model L2106 is a popular lighting fixture in industrial environments. Lots of customers have requested for such product, and we accomplish their requirement!

This lighting can easily, conveniently replace the LED tube when at the end of service life. In addition, a protection guard or reflector can be selected to meet the needs of work areas.

L2106 also available in exposure light which can filter ultraviolet light with a wavelength below 500nm. Suitable for places where photosensitive materials are stored, such as: IC semiconductor electronics factory or clean room, etc.

By the way, the design of PC tube is especially recommended for food processing plants, grain barns or elsewhere glass is prohibited.

Welcome to visit the links as below for more information.

●Product display video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo5_rVMVE3Q

●Product page: https://www.tht-ex.com/product-page/hazardous-location-tube-light-l2106

Explosion Proof Tube Light - Model L2106_THT-EX
Explosion Proof Tube Light - Model L2106_THT-EX