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Explosion-proof Portable LED Light - Model L1203

Sometimes we have to repair equipment or check the production progress in the place where lighting installation is impossible; then, the portable lights are needed to illuminate those dark gaps or corners. However, it’s necessary to carry an explosion-proof lighting if your working environment is with explosive gases or flammable substances to avoid sparks and explosions.

THT-EX Explosion-proof Portable LED Light was international explosion-proof certified, such as UL (North America), IECEx (International Electrotechnical Commission), ATEX (European Union), CML(Japan), TS (Taiwan), etc.; and applicable to Zone 1 / Zone 2 / CID1 / CID2 hazardous areas. The length of the lighting wire can be adjusted according to your working distance. Model L1203 is low profile design and lightweight (1.8kg = 0.4bl), lm/w≧100, waterproof IP68; like a snake and not restricted by any topography.

There is no hiding from its bright eyes!

L1203 Product Specification:

Explosion-proof Portable LED Light - Model L1203
Explosion-proof Portable LED Light - Model L1203



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