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Explosion-proof LED Portable Light (Maintenance Light, Work Light)

Routine maintenance and equipment repair are the basic works of the factory. Having a good portable & safety light is the essential during the inspection!

THT-EX offers various series of LED Explosion-proof Portable Lightings / Maintenance Light / Work Light, the one with backup battery offers you 2-hours illumination during power off; besides our lights come with different color temperature / power-wattage / size / function, and adjustable field angle to meet your requirement of illumination in hazardous locations.


AC-In LED (Driver-less) technology, high luminous efficiency & low conversion loss rate.

20W to 300W power-wattage & 24V to 480V AC for options.

▪ The lighting electric wire length can be customized for your needs.

▪ The bracket can be equipped with wheels as required.

▪ Provide safe illumination in hazardous, heavy industrial, dusty and wet locations.



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