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Explosion-proof LED Lightings challenge 100℃ heat resistant test for 90 days!

Do you know that explosion-proof LED lightings can be designed with heat resistant feature?

The general explosion-proof LED lightings on the market only could withstand 80°C, but THT-EX explosion-proof LED lightings can withstand high temperatures up to 100°C!

Why? Because we use the latest Driver-less AC in technology!

AC in (Driver-less) LED lightings do not have complicated wiring or components. As long as the lighting has a good heat dissipation design, it would not be affected by high temperature and cause to fail.

THT-EX Heat Resistant Explosion-proof LED Lightings provide you the best lighting solutions for high-temperature working environments such as steel plants, paper mills, foundries or glass factory, etc.

Let's take a look at the record of explosion-proof LED lightings Model L1105 challenging 100°C heat resistant test for 90 days.



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