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New Product! Explosion-proof LED Light with Battery Backup (Emergency Mode)!

New product released!

Celebration! THT-EX’s Model L1815A and L1815C were granted IECEx & ATEX certifications!

L1815A is our first explosion-proof LED lighting with Li-ion battery backup. It not only can be used as an explosion-proof lighting to light up hazardous working environments, but also provide 2 hours (120 mins) of 40W illumination in emergency mode during the power outages better than industry standard 90 mins, this will allow enough response time and minimize loss. Our lighting equips with Mean Well driver, Panasonic batteries (Please charge 48 hours every month to maintain the battery's performance) and with a one-year warranty.

L1815C is an explosion-proof LED high bay lighting which provides wattage of 120 & 150 and 100V ~ 277V & 200V ~ 480V full voltage for your choice. Its’ excellent lighting efficiency (lm / w > 127lm) can replace 500W traditional HID lights and provide sufficient illumination for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22 hazardous areas.

Please learn more details from product catalogue:

Explosion-proof LED Light with Battery Backup (Emergency Mode)
Explosion-proof LED Light with Battery Backup (Emergency Mode)



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