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New Product Released! Explosion-proof LED Flood Light Model L1719

THT-EX's latest Explosion-proof LED Flood Light was granted UL explosion-proof certification and can be used in CID2 hazardous areas, which require high performance, high reliability illumination.

L1719 offers choices of round & rectangular SMD light source and carries the widest range of voltage from 100V to 480V and the highest wattage, 300W, among our Explosion-proof product lines.

Compared with the same specification lightings in the market, our product is smaller volume and lightweight! Besides the energy consumption of LED light source is at least 50% less than traditional HID light sources; its’ longer lifetime feature allows you to reduce maintenance costs and the design of separate wiring compartment enables easy connection.

If you are looking for a flood lighting that can meet all installation conditions, then this Model L1719 is definitely your best choice!

Explosion-proof LED Flood Light Model L1719
Explosion-proof LED Flood Light Model L1719



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