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【Invitation】 INCHEM TOKYO 2023, THT Booth No. 3-N07

Announcing an exciting news! THT-EX will participate in the INCHEM TOKYO 2023 from 9/20 to 9/22.

Our booth No. 3-N07 is located in the Safety & Explosion Proof Exhibition Zone.

THT-EX is dedicated to developing explosion-proof lights with different functions, expanding the product lines, and offering various options to meet customers’ different application needs. Welcome to join this big event, we’ll demonstrate the latest explosion-proof LED lights, 100°C heat resistant lights, yellow tube lights for semiconductor factories, and signal tower lights for mechanical equipment...etc. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan headquarters, and have granted CML/TIIS (Japan), IECEx/ATEX (E.U.), UL844 (North America), TS (Taiwan) explosion-proof certifications which are safe and reliable!

If you are in Tokyo, or plan to travel… please don’t miss this exhibition. We sincerely invite experts from various industries to discuss lighting issues in the work area, and create a better lighting environment together!

Exhibition Information - INCHEM TOKYO 2023
Exhibition Information - INCHEM TOKYO 2023


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