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The World's First Driver-less LED Lighting with the advantage of 100°C Heat Resistant!

According to statistics, 25% of the causes of lighting failures are power supplies and driver components. We utilize AC-IN LED technology to start lightings without using a driver or voltage conversion. Since the interior of the lighting is designed with simple wiring, few components and no driver; the lighting will not fail due to overheating, and greatly increases the lifespan. Our lightings are very suitable for using in high ambient temperature working environments, such as: pulp & paper mills, glass factories, metal forging, coal power plants, etc.

If you are looking for lightings that can withstand high temperatures, please contact us, we will provide you with professional evaluation and solutions.

*Note: THT-EX heat resistant LED lightings have passed the 30-day high temperature test in the UL laboratory and were granted UL1598 Luminaires certification.



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