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Discover L1920 Signal Tower Light: Perfect for Aerospace, Semiconductor, Military & Petrochemical Industries

Are you facing the challenge of insufficient safety alerts in hazardous work areas?

In high-risk environments such as aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing, military industry and petrochemical industry, ensuring employee safety is a significant challenge.

These workplaces often encounter:

🔴Insufficient visual alerts -Standard signal lights may not be clearly visible in bright light or smoke, increasing the risk of accidents.

🔴Insufficient auditory alerts -In high-noise environments, alarm sounds can be easily ignored, failing to effectively warn workers of danger.

🔴Poor environmental adaptability -Many LED lights, without using explosion-proof enclosures, special seals, and high-temperature resistant materials, have potential risks and are prone to failure or explosion.

💡The solution is here!

THT-EX introduces the L1920 LED Explosion-Proof Light Hazardous Location Signal Tower Light, specifically designed for high-risk work areas!

✅High-brightness LED light source: Provides five color options, ensuring clear visibility under any lighting conditions.

✅Powerful buzzer: With a volume of up to 80 decibels, providing strong auditory warnings even in noisy environments.

✅Versatile configurations: Available with or without junction box and buzzer versions to meet your specific needs.

✅Rigorous testing: Each unit undergoes 24-hour testing before shipment, including buzzer sound testing, to ensure stable operation.

✅Explosion-proof certification: Dustproof, waterproof, and resistant to extreme temperatures, suitable for harsh working environments.

Choose THT-EX to make hazardous areas safer and more efficient✨



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