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Case Sharing – Application of Explosion-proof LED Lights in Chemical Plant

Factory illumination requirements can be satisfied by THT-EX in one stop!

We assist the chemical plant to change all of old explosion-proof mercury lamps to explosion-proof LED lights; besides we also provide such as explosion-proof low-bay lights, exit signs, emergency lights, flood lights, area lights; a complete & safe lighting planning for hazardous areas.

The advantages of using explosion-proof LED lights are not only longer service life, but also having excellent conversion efficiency and luminous efficiency! Just install low-wattage LED lights can provide enough brightness for your working environment! For example, 60W LEDs can replace 150W traditional HID/HPS lamps, greatly save your electricity costs.

THT-EX explosion-proof lights were granted IECEx, ATEX, UL, TS, CML and other global explosion-proof certifications. If you have lighting planning requirement, please contact us.


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