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24V Explosion-proof Portable & Maintenance LED Lighting for Low Voltage Areas

In order to protect the safety of workers in hazardous areas, there are some restrictions on the use of equipment to avoid accidents. The voltage of the equipment is the key that directly affects safety. According to the regulations, a voltage below 30V must be used to avoid generating electric arc and explosions caused by equipment power connecting.

The same is true for lighting equipment. We provide a safe, 24V low-voltage portable lightings and maintenance lightings, suitable for any working environment where full of hazardous materials; and provide various portable brackets and wattage options (20W~120W). In addition, our 24V lightings are designed to be powered by both AC and DC current, without the need for additional converters!

The following video is about "Lighting Solutions for Low Voltage Areas". If you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us and let us solve your lighting problems in low voltage environments.



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