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Utilize the Local Services of UL - A Newly Raised Star in N.A. & International Market

People in the Explosion-proof industry know that North American certification is the most stringent and has a higher certification failure rate among the global safety standard.

After 3 years and 8 months, THT-EX finally obtained UL's first "Explosion-proof LED Lighting" certificate in the Greater China Region in 2014. Product complies with UL 844, the North American regulations, offers an entry ticket for the North American market!

Thanks to the guidance and rigorous testing of UL laboratory in Taiwan, which motivate us to innovate more excellent & safe products. This article is a record of UL’s interview. Hoping that our case of cooperation with UL can be shared with more people and help them to successfully enter the international market.

This success story is translated from UL’s report, and the original one can be found at



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