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THT-EX Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Giving back to the society is the responsibility of every enterprise in the world. Started from the founding of LTW to the THT-EX era, over more than 10 years' time; we continuously care for our beautiful hometown-Taiwan. We helped needy, built activity center for elderly & children, joined local cultural activities, improved school lighting to help prevent children from bad eyesight, donated ambulance & AED, provided scholarship and aid poor family.

With empathy, our caring program has also extended from Taiwan to children's learning program in China & Vietnam. Also, we helped children in Philippines via Child Foundation, orphan adoption in Africa via ACC and donated Japan's 311 earthquake.

THT-EX provides lighting solution for hazardous location; at the same time we also strive for bring hope and brightness to every corner of the world. We are a small company in Taiwan but our love and care to needy is endless and hope that with the join of everyone we could help more people.

Let's make the world better together. :)



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