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LED Light Solutions for High Temperature Application

Many of our customers' working areas are in high temperature & harsh environments, such as: pulp & paper, steel mill, glass factory, power plant, and recycling plant, etc. The work site has oil and gas, boiler or chimney heating that will increase the ambient temperature. So, the lighting will need additional performance of heat resistance.

THT-EX develops AC-IN LED lighting fixtures on the premise of solving high temperature resistance and for using in hazardous areas. Compared with general LED lightings, the most difference of our lighting is Driver-less. The general LED lights’ driver is limited by the 85°C ambient temperature; and will lose function in high temperatures. THT-EX AC-IN LED had been tested by UL laboratory and proved that lighting can be used in 100°C high temperature environment for a long time. We provide different power from 20W to 160W to meet your needs of different installation heights.

Please watch the introduction video about “LED Light Solutions for High Temperature Application”.

Let THT-EX solve your problems and create a safe working environment together. :)

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