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New Product! Economical & High Power Explosion-proof LED High Bay Light Model L1512D

Good news! High power explosion-proof LED light L1512D was granted IECEx and ATEX certification!

The new model L1512D uses SMD light source and offers the maximum wattage of 250W, which can replace 500W conventional HID light and provide better luminous efficiency! This model is an economical type with a robust enclosure and good heat dissipation design!

In addition, if you need to install lighting in a very harsh environment, such as high humidity, high salt or high alkali area… then, we’ll recommend adding special coating to increase the corrosion resistance and durability of lighting fixture.

Welcome to the official website as below for detailed product information.

Explosion-proof LED High Bay Light_THT-EX
Explosion-proof LED High Bay Light_THT-EX



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