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Hazardous Location LED Light-2020 Product Review

In response to market demand, we committed to the development of high-wattage lightings, NEMA Beam angle lightings, and lighting with battery backup; and were successfully granted global explosion-proof certifications (UL, IECEx, ATEX). At present, the highest wattage can reach 500W, more than 60 kinds of products have been developed! Providing a wide variety of high-efficiency, energy-saving, economical, and modular style lighting options for choice!

This year, we will also continue to develop better and more in-demand products, and obtain explosion-proof certification approval from respective global certification agency in each region! We assure to provide reliable and safe products!

Thank you for your support to THT-EX, we welcome any valuable comments on product development.

2020 Product Review_Hazardous Location LED Light
2020 Product Review_Hazardous Location LED Light



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