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【New Product】Hazardous Location LED lighting equipped with Junction Box - L1102J

To provide our customers with a faster and easier installation (Quick-release), we developed new Hazardous Location LED lighting equipped with Junction Box - L1102J.

You can quickly install and connect the lighting, and the Junction Box can be freely extended with no direction restriction which makes the lighting connection much easier. Besides, we can adjust the number of entry of Junction Box or remove the Junction Box as per requirement.

The L1102J is UL844 certified with Class 1, Division 2 and IP 68 protection. It is ideal for use in various hazardous locations, just like a bat hanging highly in dark places to protect your safety!

L1102J product features:

• Design with junction box for quick and easy installation.

• Direct mount onto the ceiling, no extra bracket is required.

• Hassle-free of lighting connection via multi-directional box entry.

• Flexible box assembly as per worksite requirement.

• Applicable to 100°C high temp. environment

• Waterproof IP68 / NEMA 6P

Product Details:


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