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Five items were granted CR certifications

THT-EX’S five ABS approved Explosion-proof LED Lightings, model No. L1203 (20W) , P1202 (40W), L1105(40W / 60W) , L1102(60W/ 80W/ 100W) and L1217 (110W/120W), were recently certified by CR (CR Classification Society) as well. The purpose of CR certification is to widen our recognition coverage and to join Taiwan's indigenous ship building program. TTHT-EX is one of very few Taiwanese companies which has both ABS and CR certified LED light products. Our lightings’ features are waterproof IP68, salt mist resistance and corrosion resistance which are applicable in harsh environment such as oil rigs, LPG ships, LNG ships and ore carrier ships…etc. to provide safety illumination to those locations.


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