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THT-EX receive ABS certification for Explosion-proof Lighting marine application

Three of THT-EX’s Explosion-proof LED lightings series have received ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) certification, the model numbers areL1203 (20W)、L1105 (40W , 60W) and L1102 (60W, 80W, 100W). ABS certification represents marine and offshore classified vessels design standard of excellence. The ABS approved products could be used in hazardous areas such as marine vessels, oil tankers, offshore drilling rigs and platforms as well as other chemical corrosion, salty and dusty environments. The applicable area includes Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22.

THT-EX continuously restrain ourselves with the highest standard and devote to product innovation, the sole purpose is to provide wide selection of products and steady quality to our valuable customers.


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