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THT-EX EXP Products attract visitors eyes in Taipei lighting show and Expec

Today is opening day for Taipei lighting show, the second day for Expec in China. THT-EX booth dispaly the popular EXP products and IP waterproof testing to catch visitors eyes. In Taipei lighting show, we show the vapor testing for special. The vapor testing will put explosion-proof lighting into the vapor box and turn on its power to show that it can be worked in this kind of bad work environment, which is high temperature or high humidity. </p> There are many technical person ask about the international certified explosion-proof lightings in Expec and Taipei lighting show. Thanks for every visitor visit us, if you would like go to Taipei lighting show or Expec, please visit us!

2014 Taiwan International Lighting Show(TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall) About THT-EX booth: J0228, Nearby the entry J part.(As the red block in picture)

China International Explosion Protection Electric Technology & Equipment Exhibition (Expec) 3/19~21(New China International Exhibition Center,Beijing) About THT-EX booth: E4359, in the petrochemical accessories area. Nearby the most easterly E3 entry.(As the red block in picture)


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