▌Field Installations

THT-EX explosion-proof and waterproof LED lights are corrosion resistance, weatherproof and have passed a variety of rigorous testing. The lighting products function well after 1000 hours of salt water spray test and 200 hours in a 100°C steam environment. The products can be applied to various hazardous areas, such as petrochemical plants, grain warehouses, power plants, paper mill, oil refineries, wine troughs, LNG transportation, offshore platforms, etc... Here are the filed installation photos of our products at various domestic and worldwide locations.

Petrochemical Plant
Oil Refinery
Rubber Factory
Pharmaceutical Factory
Paper Mill
Coal Bunker
Steel Factory
Gas Distribution Station
Oil Refinery
Marine Appliction
Liquor Factory
Gas Terminal
Plastic Factory
Marine Application
Grain Barn
Aircraft Maintenance
Painting Room
Coal Bunker
Chemical Plant
LLDPE Factory
Chemical Plant
Gas Station
Fiber Factory
Petrochemical Factory
Chemical Plant
Power Plant
Chemical Plant
Petrochemical plant
Air Product
Oil Refinery
Food Processing Plant
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Grain Barn