Professional certifications


THT-EX is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated company and all our LED light products are targeted to grant relative explosion-proof recognitions and pass the waterproof standard of IP68. In order to meet our product quality objective "Customer Safety" and to provide wide variety, the most reliable and safest products to our customers, we have set the goal to verify our products through various inspection methods and restrain ourselves with the strictest and highest design standard.



Quality certifications



                ISO 9001                                 ISO14001                              TUV (QAN)                                  TUV (QAR)



Product certifications 



            ATEX (EU)                                  IECEx                                      UL (N.A.)                           ABS certification



           KOSHA (Korea)                           GB (China)                            NOM (Mexico)                          TS (Taiwan)



       CR (Taiwan)                     CML (Japan)